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Health insurance for foreign workers

A medical insurance plan for foreign workers up to the age of 65 that is adapted to the requirements of the Foreign Workers Ordinance.
According to the new decree, every employer of a foreign worker must insure the worker with a medical insurance policy that complies with the decrees requirements.
An order for medical insurance for foreign workers, defines the scope of the insurance basket and medical services, which will be provided to a foreign worker and is similar in its content to the state health insurance law for the Israeli citizen.
The policy is uniform in all insurance companies.

Construction Workers

Insurance coverage:

 The policy is very broad with no deductible.

Among the services included in a medical insurance policy for foreign workers:

General practitioner examination.
Examination by a specialist doctor.
Emergency Room.
X-rays, ultrasound and imaging.
The expenses of moving a deceased person to the country of origin up to a maximum of $5000.
A plane ticket abroad, depending on the employees condition if he is not fit for work within 90 days.
Hospitalization expenses.
Laboratory tests.
And all this without any deductible.

In addition: the policy includes emergency dental care up to $500. and death/disability as a result of an accident up to a ceiling of $10,000.

How to receive the service:

The service is provided through the medical services system of a general or national health fund.

All medical services including pharmacy service, laboratories and X-ray are provided under one roof.

In addition: an information and assistance center will be available to the insured - 24 hours a day.

The hotline is staffed by a number of service representatives, who help applicants get the required service.
You will also be given the option to order a home visit beyond the cash registers operating hours - with no deductible.

Each insured person will receive a magnetic card with his name on it, with which he can contact one of the POS branches to receive the medical service.

To send an application for insurance pleaseContact Us:

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