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Safe Place

An insurance agency specializing in health insurance for foreign workers, tourists and citizens

The service is personal and efficient: the days of operation of the office are Sunday-Thursday: between the hours: 8:00-15:00

The "Safe Place" insurance agency is one of the leading insurance agencies in Israel in the field
Health insurance for foreign workers, tourists and travel insurances abroad. The agency is managed by Ronit Kahlon, a licensed insurance agent in the following insurance branches: elementary insurance, general insurance, and pension insurance. The "Safe Place" insurance agency is an old and reliable agency, which began to focus on the insurance sector in the last decade for foreign workers and insurance for tourists. We can guarantee an attractive price and personal treatment for all our customers, while finding the most appropriate and comprehensive insurance coverage for them. As an independent insurance agency, we can emphasize personal treatment and guarantee the best service for our customers.
Our phone lines, here at the "Safe Place" insurance agency, are available almost all hours of the day. Among our clients are:

  • Foreign workers who insure themselves.

  • Private individuals who insure a foreign worker for themselves or another family member.

  • Companies that employ foreign workers.

  • Tourists coming to Israel to visit.

  • Returning residents - in the period until they receive the right from National Insurance to receive service at the health fund.


Ronit Mobile:  050-7294041

Mobile office:  054-3429405

משרד:         077-3429405




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