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Travel insurance

A safe place agency produces travel insurance policies abroad through: Passportcard, Harel and Migdal. The policy will be adapted to the insurance case.

Tourists and foreign workers who are insured through health insurance here in Israel can also be insured abroad.

Dear insured, we would like to introduce our service to youPassportCardTM- The magnetic card for travel insurance from Phoenix Insurance Company andDavidShield.
We, at the 'Safe Place' insurance agency, are authorized marketers of this service, and are happy to be partners in a real revolution, based on the most advanced technology in the world protected by an exclusive patent.

Above the Clouds

PassportCard- The most advanced and innovative travel insurance abroad operates using a personal magnetic card, which is used as a direct and immediate means of payment to medical service providers in the world, according to your free choice and by direct debit. The insured does not pay out of pocket for the service received from doctors or the purchase of medicines, but pays using the magnetic card - No deductible!!!
Without interim financing - Cashless. The advanced technology eliminates the need for forms and bureaucracy and waiting for reimbursement from the insurance company.
The magnetic card remains with the insured for repeated use in all your trips abroad.
Activating the insurance before each trip is possible using one of the following options:
Dialing the PassportCard service center, or through the website, or through a smartphone interface or by contacting me by phone.

For any questions about PassportCard, contact Ronit 050-7294041.

To purchase or activate click here:


for road insurancethe phoenix:

  • A smart application in which you can do a variety of independent actions

  • Coordinating a doctor's visit at a hotel, clinic or by video call and payment on us

  • Didn't everything go as planned? Do you still have to spend money?
    Submitting claims through the app and receiving a refund directly to bit

  • Is the corona still here? We have extended corona coverage

  • Human response 24/7

  • Was the suitcase delayed? We got an immediate $200 refund from us.

  • Medical expenses with us without limit and without deductible

10% discount for online buyers - to purchase click here:

To send details and receive a quote: Click here

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