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It is very important! Before arriving at the emergency room, you must have a referral from a doctor or a confirmation from the HMO center, otherwise, in the event that there is no hospitalization, the patient will bear the expenses of the emergency room.
After the hours of operation of the health funds, you must contact the nurse center for a referral to the emergency department

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Health insurance for foreign workers and tourists
The insurance companies through which foreign workers and tourists can be insured:


Harel Insurance Company - receiving service through the General Health Insurance Fund:
Tourist insurance - can be insured from 0 to 75 years old -

Foreign workers insurance - can be insured ages: 18-65 years.

Moked Klalit-Harel: 1-800-414-422
24-hour doctor visit hotline: 1-800-260-660
General Health Insurance Center: *2700

Ayalon Insurance Company:

Insurance for foreign workers - service through the General Health Insurance Fund. Tourists and foreign workers can be insured in Ayalon up to the age of 65.

Moked Ayalon-Kalelit - 1-800-35-2001

Bikur Ropa company - 1-700-705-101

Klalit Health Insurance Center 2700*

Menorah Insurance Company
Insurance for foreign workers  – can be insured from age 18 to age 65.
Menorah tourist insurance - ages: 1-75 

To schedule an appointment, call *507 or 1-700-507507
working hours:
Weekdays: 07:00-20:00
On Friday: 07:00-12:00
The nurse center works 24/7 every day of the week - by dialing *507, press the language, 2 for additional services, then 3 for the medical center.
A doctors appointment for a home visit will be given if necessary in front of the hotline 507*
After business hours, call *9101 or 1-700-505066

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