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Health insurance for foreign workers

Building insurance is important in order to cover many dangers that may cause damage to your home, for example - weather damage, fire, burst water pipe, etc.

We will adjust the insurance for you with the most suitable coverage for your needs.

Who is the insurance suitable for?

Insurance and house certificates

mortgage insurance

Apartment owners in a shared building

Private house owner

Image by Simone Hutsch

What does the insurance include?

A building insurance policy includes two main parts: 

Basic policy - required by law. 
Some of the coverages covered in the basic policy:

  • Extreme weather damage

  • fire damage

  • burglary damage

Extended policy - gives you wider insurance coverage

Some of the coverages that can be added under the extended policy: 

  • Pipeline damage

  • Third party liability insurance

  • Damage caused by an earthquake

We carry out the insurance through the following insurance companies, you can click on the logo and read more details:

Ayalon Insurance Company:


fnx is an insurance company:

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